2020 Cantr Wrap Up

By   January 18, 2021

Author: Ash, Cantr Staff

2020 was truly one for the history books. It started as a normal year but quickly transformed into one none of us will ever forget. With real-life leading to quarantine and working at home for many of us, it also forced us to find things that we can safely do, and enjoy. For many of us Cantr takes a place on that list. It has proven to be an escape from reality we so desperately need at times like this. It is constantly progressing to be a more fun, interactive experience for all of us. Here are some of the highlights of the improvements that have been implemented this year.


Trains have been in the works for a long time but they are finally here. Both passenger and freight trains provide for a quick and fun way to cross islands. Now you can live out your dreams of being a conductor, or maybe performing a railroad heist. The only limits are your imagination. 

Cantr clarified the terms, conditions, and Game Rules 

After much feedback, the rules are finally spelled out. If you have questions about what’s allowed please reach out, but they’re also available at https://cantr.net/index.php?page=rules

Spawning points are no more

Spawning got adjusted to prefer towns with more activity, instead of looking at population. In order to spawn somewhere, the town has to have had at least two active individuals to make them eligible to receive a newspawn. This helps eliminate the days of showing up and hearing no one for days. Create a character now. You know you want to test it out for yourself. 

Cantr got a small facelift! 

Cantr’s main player page looks a little different from last time. The new design allows a more mobile-friendly interface with big bold buttons that are easy to use on a touch screen, as well as your desktop if you prefer. You can also now stay logged in for two days and on more than one device at a time.

The Genesis Server has been expanded

Are you looking for a more compact world that isn’t full of large vacant islands? Are you looking for a world that has more activity? Well, look no more. All players were invited to create their next character in Genesis for an alternate Cantr experience. Towns are more populated with fewer available and so the opportunities are very different from those in the original server.

Buildings can now be deconstructed

Those towns of shacks are no more, not unless you want them to be. You now have the choice to deconstruct almost everything, including unused buildings to make a town what you want it to be.

Weather now impacts the game

To fulfill Cantr’s goal of emulating the real-life world, gathering of all plants now takes into account the season and the conditions. Gone are the days of riding a harvester in the middle of a blizzard. Plan ahead! Seasons last one game year so use your time wisely and stock up. 

Game ticks are now much more frequent 

Rather than every three hours, ticks are now constantly happening. This allows progress to be more continual, and you’ll get that instant gratification seeing your progress.. Forget your car? Now you aren’t stuck for hours waiting to get back. Also sitting for hours at 99.9% is a thing of the past. 

Cotton can now be gathered with a scythe to allow for easier gathering 

The minimum age to eliminate a character through voluntary death by old age has been lowered to 30

We’ve all had that character that just doesn’t work, or for whatever reason it’s time to let them go. If this happens you are now committed to keeping them a much shorter time without it impacting your new character opportunities. 

New Items have been added to the game:

Last but certainly not least new items have been added to enhance your role-playing opportunities. 

Musical Instruments: Piano’s and other keyed instruments

-Clothing: New swimwear options and even more scarves.

-Fake Beards: Cotton, wool, and fur beards are available for those Cantrians who have their 20-year-old baby face forever.

It’s been an exciting year and this one is promising to be one with even more advancements in store. Stay tuned or feel free to visit us on Discord to let us know your ideas to make Cantr a place you want to be.

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