Monthly Archives: March 2016

A Song from a Strawman

These were all written quite a while ago, and never got around to putting in game. But, for your enjoyment! (Title and tune at the bottom, see if you can guess it!) In the town that I was spawned Lived a man who claimed to be Three hundred and twenty three With a skin of… Continue reading »

Hamaon’s Musings, pt. 2: Pepper

When I first arrived in Dragonloft, the citizens immediately struck me as some of the most interesting people in the world. I once thought that these kinds of people existed only in my dreams, but now it was clear that they were simply hiding together in the Trover Mountains. I met many fascinating and dynamic… Continue reading »

Lamentations of the Worm

Hell. Some say it is a burning pit, or eternity in torture and torment. I tend to think it is an absence of God, no matter where that period of time is spent. Oh, I have seen them all: Donii; Jos; all peoples Gods and several thought about by a single denizen who walked this… Continue reading »