A Song from a Strawman

By   March 12, 2016

These were all written quite a while ago, and never got around to putting in game. But, for your enjoyment! (Title and tune at the bottom, see if you can guess it!)

In the town that I was spawned
Lived a man who claimed to be
Three hundred and twenty three

With a skin of mossy green

So we sat, counting wrinkles
But not a one, could we see
Time and age, or gravity

No effect, could we see

We all live in terr’r of this dude
We think he might be mad, we’re certain that he’s bad
We’re all kept in the pocket of this guy
He stinks we don’t know why

We gotta say goodbye

And our friends, all have boards.
Six feet above, many next door
Look another, and dig a grave
We all live in fear of this guy
He murders we don’t know why
We’d ask but we’re shy
Keeps us hid behind several doors
Nobody but the nude

We’re feeling rather rude

*scraping sound of an axe being sharpened*

As we live, a life of ease
From from worry
Free from age
Kept alive only until
We’ve spawned another

Meat for the grill

We are nothing but a notch on his belt
A notch on his axe
A bump on the road
We can’t figg out what we’re gonna do
We’re all turning blue
Think I’m gonna spew
Nothing left to say but stick it up your bum
You smell like rancid cream
You’ve naught but a bum
We hear some vehicles pulling up outside
Shame it took so long

The rest of us died

Red Green Man to Yellow Submarine Beatles

Plenty more, but hope you enjoyed the first of ’em.

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