Genesis – A New Cantr

By   August 10, 2021

In 2020, Genesis began. A small world, slowly growing, with towns that are much more busy than the typical Cantr towns due to the small number of towns.

Here are the details:

  1. Originally 1 town, then 3, and now 5, including a volcano!
  2. Many resources and animals in a condensed area.
  3. The capital rule is less enforced here for the sake of helping out new players (e.g. speaking multiple languages), but every player can have only one character on Genesis.

A Genesis committee comprised of active players and staff members decides on and implements changes to Genesis to ensure it’s a worthwhile experience for players.

We encourage all players to have a character on Genesis. By default, your next character will be created on Genesis unless you uncheck “Create on Genesis” when you make your character.

We hope that Genesis will help both new players and old players have a place to ask questions and to enjoy a more active gaming experience.

We welcome feedback at the #genesis channel on Discord.

Is Genesis what you want to see in a new Cantr world, or what is missing? Let us know!

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