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Current and future changes to the game, or new features.

Genesis – A New Cantr

In 2020, Genesis began. A small world, slowly growing, with towns that are much more busy than the typical Cantr towns due to the small number of towns. Here are the details: Originally 1 town, then 3, and now 5, including a volcano! Many resources and animals in a condensed area. The capital rule is… Continue reading »

2020 Cantr Wrap Up

Author: Ash, Cantr Staff 2020 was truly one for the history books. It started as a normal year but quickly transformed into one none of us will ever forget. With real-life leading to quarantine and working at home for many of us, it also forced us to find things that we can safely do, and… Continue reading »

Cantr’s Mission

Why does Cantr exist, and how should we go about deciding the mechanics and policies of Cantr? Jos (the founder of Cantr) provides a helpful description of Cantr’s beginnings and motivation: I think the main points from that are the following: a player gets to experience many different characters with unique perspectives there’s time… Continue reading »

Cantr Day 6000 and Age Statistics

Today Cantr celebrates day 6000. Each day in Cantr is 20 days, so this marks 300 years! To celebrate, here are some quick stats on the ages of current living characters in Cantr. Since Cantrians start at age 20, there are 7 characters who are 300 or older! The average age of characters in Cantr… Continue reading »

Cantr II or just Cantr?

Game Updates “Cantr II” is changing it’s official name to “Cantr”, to simplify and because there’s no ambiguity: Cantr I wasn’t an online game per say. Cantr, before receiving it’s name, began as a lego game played amidst friends, and later “Cantr I” (called “Cantr”) was organized by Jos through email. Find out more here… Continue reading »

Cantr Marketing Push

Welcome to the first of Cantr’s monthly Webzine posts. Look here for the new tails on Cantr staff, marketing efforts, Cantr updates, and the general state of Cantr. What is Cantr staff? We are a group of volunteers who are fans of the game and seek to actively participate in improving or helping the game…. Continue reading »