Cantr II or just Cantr?

By   December 11, 2017

Game Updates

“Cantr II” is changing it’s official name to “Cantr”, to simplify and because there’s no ambiguity: Cantr I wasn’t an online game per say. Cantr, before receiving it’s name, began as a lego game played amidst friends, and later “Cantr I” (called “Cantr”) was organized by Jos through email. Find out more here from the founder of Cantr, Jos Elink: Game_Background. The online game we now know as Cantr II is the successor of this email exchange.

What does the word “Cantr” mean?

“Cantr” holds no specific meaning, but it is unique and not from an outside source. This is appropriate for the game of Cantr, which seeks to avoid influences from outside the game.

You Can Shape the New Logo

We’re seeking player submissions for a new logo for Cantr that displays “Cantr” without “II”.
We’re looking for the following:

See the #marketing channel of Cantr’s Discord server for discussion on the logo, and you can ask questions and submit drafts there.
See the following page of Cantr ads for inspiration:

Enjoy Cantring,

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