Cantr Language Learning

By   November 3, 2018

Did you know that some players use Cantr to learn languages?

Cantr offers users the opportunity, unique among role-playing games, to play any number of their 15 characters in any of the available languages, made possible by volunteer translators (you can apply to be a translator on your player page). For those players already fluent in more than one language, this enhances their game playing experience enabling them to experience different parts of the Cantr world and to interact with a larger number of locations and other players. For an even larger number of players, those learning a language, this feature offers them the option of using Cantr as an educational tool.

Players already familiar with the Cantr interface, game dynamics and mechanics and with a reasonable grasp of a foreign language can easily increase their vocabulary in the foreign language and improve their language skills. The slow-paced nature of the game means that it is ideally suited for this purpose since players who may be struggling to express themselves in a foreign language have the time to think about what they would like their character to do or say. Some players have characters in several different language areas and have improved their ability in a foreign language through playing the game.

The different language areas exist alongside each other in the same game world meaning that characters from one language area can often travel to another and interact with characters who do not speak their language. This offers players additional exposure to and knowledge of languages that they may not even actively be trying to learn. Click here for common roleplay emotes in each language.

Be sure to follow the Foreign Language Rule and have your character sincerely learn the language (if they choose to do so).

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