The Magical Mouflon

A shared story, where multiple people passed around a series of notes with portions of the story, to be combined at the end. Found at the Ol’ Windmill Farm, after an epic party event. — One day, a lonely mouflon wandered too close to the trees where hawks liked to hunt, and they were having… Continue reading »

A Song from a Strawman

These were all written quite a while ago, and never got around to putting in game. But, for your enjoyment! (Title and tune at the bottom, see if you can guess it!) In the town that I was spawned Lived a man who claimed to be Three hundred and twenty three With a skin of… Continue reading »

Hamaon’s Musings, pt. 2: Pepper

When I first arrived in Dragonloft, the citizens immediately struck me as some of the most interesting people in the world. I once thought that these kinds of people existed only in my dreams, but now it was clear that they were simply hiding together in the Trover Mountains. I met many fascinating and dynamic… Continue reading »

Lamentations of the Worm

Hell. Some say it is a burning pit, or eternity in torture and torment. I tend to think it is an absence of God, no matter where that period of time is spent. Oh, I have seen them all: Donii; Jos; all peoples Gods and several thought about by a single denizen who walked this… Continue reading »

Quo Vadis Cantr?

Kiedyś cantr był ciekawszy, prawda? Może po prostu byliśmy młodsi, nie odkryliśmy wszystkich sekretów, wysp… Ale może też rzeczywiście gra była inna? Ostatnimi czasy dostajemy nowy zabawki jak opisy, pogoda, NDS, udomawianie zwierzaków, nowe zastosowania surowców jak makarony, czy tonięcie starych statków. Zaraz będą kolejne zmiany jak pociągi czy jazda konno. Nie mówiąc o drobnych… Continue reading »

Hamaon’s Musings, pt. 1: On Dragonloft

The Trover Mountains, located on the southwest peninsula of Treefeather, are home to some of the worst living conditions known to the island. Bitter cold, dangerously slick mountain paths, ferocious beasts, and the lack of any food source make the region completely inhospitable. And yet, there is a single, precious resource that glimmers within the… Continue reading »