Cantrian Creativity: The Last Prey of the Kraken

By   April 7, 2019

Gelsoaric and Ardmina were a loving couple who lived their lives sailing around the world meeting new people. One sunny summer day, they went for a very long journey between two islands that were very very far apart from each other. At some point in the journey, the sky was taken by storm clouds and it darkened as if it was night. Gelsoaric kept piloting the ship, trying to outrun the storm, but he noticed that the ship was getting slower and slower very fast. Soon, Gelsoaric saw Ardmina, who was inside, coming out smiling and asking why they were stopping, but she suddenly twisted her face in horror, yelling for Gelsoaric to duck!

Wasting no time, Gelsoaric jumped away, rolling on the floor, just to see a gigantic monstrous tentacle smashing the boards just where he stood one moment before. In panic, Gelsoaric spinned the wheel all the way, turning the ship to port, then starboard, but the monstrosity was holding on firmly and wouldn’t let go from their ship. Meanwhile, Ardmina went inside and brought back the battle axe she designed to Gelsoaric. Throwing the axe to Gelsoaric, Ardmina took the wheel, since she was the best pilot, and started making the hardest maneuvers with their ship, making the monster lose it’s grip many times, but he always found a way to grab the ship again with one of his innumerous tentacles.

It went on for hours, and at this point they were facing the worst storm to ever hit the oceans and the tentacle monster at the same time. Ardmina piloting the ship better than anyone ever did or ever will pilot a ship again, and Gelsoaric implacable, cutting the tentacles of the monster one by one, but it was a hopeless battle, at least until Ardmina had an idea. She commanded Gelsoaric to run to the bow of the ship and guide her; then, after making a specially abrupt maneuver and putting some distance between them and the monster, she pulled an insane stunt using a giant wave to steer the ship around, turning it head on towards the monster and surfing down the giant wave, hoping it would scare the monster away. Gelsoaric ran to the bow, prepared to guide Ardmina the best he could, but it was unnecessary since what he hopelessly saw was that the monster was incoming fast towards them, ignoring the threat that the collision would pose for both sides of the battle. Unfortunately for Gelsoaric, the ravaging wind blowing the sails, the giant wave and the incoming monster, summed up for an incredible speed and the only thing Gelsoaric had time to do was to throw a desperate look back to Ardmina, just a fraction of a second before they collided full speed with the monster.

The ship pitched and Gelsoaric took flight, thrown meters above the deck, and in the adrenaline of the moment, he saw everything in a very slow motion. Ardmina, hurt but safe, bravely holding the ship’s wheel, the ship still in one piece, as if it was itself giving its best in the battle. But in despair, Gelsoaric also saw that the monster was hurt but alive, trying to crawl over the ship to reach Ardmina, with its tentacles coming up from all sides of the boat, and it’s daunting deformed face just under Gelsoaric. At this point, knowing that all was lost, Gelsoaric, falling towards the monster, went completely berserk and surrendered to his most basic warrior instincts. Instincts that he honed during years fighting evil around the world! And with those instincts, Gelsoaric wielded his massive battle axe one more time and prepared to strike the most fearsome blow ever struck, to try to scare the beast away!

Gelsoaric was falling full speed and prepared to die trying to save the love of his life, Ardmina. When he was a few feet away from his doom, almost hitting one of the monster’s eyes with his body and his weapon, he felt a power he never felt before, and sound and light flooded everything around him.

Ardmina, who was bravely piloting the boat, saw her beloved Gelsoaric looking at her with a desperate look in his eyes. When the ship crashed against the monster, she hit hard against the wheel but held her stance, and watched as the ship pitched up, throwing Gelsoaric several meters up in the air. And as fast as he flew up, he fell, wielding his axe and yelling a battle cry like a maniac. Unable to help, she held her breath and watched him falling, until in the last second his axe was hit by a lightning bolt, directing the charge of the lightning directly to the monster’s brain, who suddenly convulsed and let go of the ship, slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, completely dead. Ardmina ran across the ship, and even in the middle of the storm, she didn’t think twice, grabbing a rope and diving on the water, desperately seeking for Gelsoaric.

Minutes passed and Ardmina was still diving and swimming around, when she saw something shining in the middle of some floating debris. She immediately recognized the axe she designed, and swimming faster than a fish, she reached it, finding the body of Gelsoaric afloat with many broken planks from their boat, still firmly holding the axe with both hands.

Ardmina brought her lover back to the boat where he slept for days and days, being treated and fed by his Ardmina, only recovering when they were almost at their destination.

And this is the reason why in modern days, no one sees the kraken anymore.

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