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Genesis – A New Cantr

In 2020, Genesis began. A small world, slowly growing, with towns that are much more busy than the typical Cantr towns due to the small number of towns. Here are the details: Originally 1 town, then 3, and now 5, including a volcano! Many resources and animals in a condensed area. The capital rule is… Continue reading »

Cantr Internships

Cantr is fundamentally a place of learning. We take this responsibility seriously and offer internships depending on interest. While internships are not limited to these areas, the following are areas in which there is at least one staff member to mentor an intern: Marketing Public Relations Product Management Project Management Translation Math and Statistics Administration… Continue reading »

2020 Cantr Wrap Up

Author: Ash, Cantr Staff 2020 was truly one for the history books. It started as a normal year but quickly transformed into one none of us will ever forget. With real-life leading to quarantine and working at home for many of us, it also forced us to find things that we can safely do, and… Continue reading »

A New Cantr Staff

A New Cantr Staff

There’s a lot to learn from the past 19 years or so of Cantr Staff’s existence (some examples here). This article summarizes how we’re applying that knowledge to roles and responsibilities; we’ll announce some dramatic changes. Owning Responsibilities To aid flexibility, the growth of staff members, and clear responsibility, the Game Administration Board has approved… Continue reading »

Parvati’s Diary – The Embers of Dragonloft

I’ve arrived in a city of empty halls and sleeping dragons. A great civilization once inhabited this place that seems so uninhabitable. Food does not grow here, and the mountain climate is severe and unforgiving. No, the only resource of value among these frigid, jagged mountains is the gold glimmering below the surface. This place… Continue reading »

World production and consumption

How is that possible, that for many years I was consistently against the idea of universal indoor rot and then, in february, I’ve changed my mind to decide to both support the idea and help in designing it?

Cantr’s Mission

Why does Cantr exist, and how should we go about deciding the mechanics and policies of Cantr? Jos (the founder of Cantr) provides a helpful description of Cantr’s beginnings and motivation: I think the main points from that are the following: a player gets to experience many different characters with unique perspectives there’s time… Continue reading »