Parvati’s Diary – The Embers of Dragonloft

By   September 14, 2020

I’ve arrived in a city of empty halls and sleeping dragons. A great civilization once inhabited this place that seems so uninhabitable. Food does not grow here, and the mountain climate is severe and unforgiving. No, the only resource of value among these frigid, jagged mountains is the gold glimmering below the surface.

This place is a ghost of a city, with great architectural feats in every direction but no people to inhabit or enjoy them. Three others have proven wakeful so far: Ferr, who seems to be the leader of this place; Tintin, who only speaks through gestures and notes; and Seven, a younger man with an optimistic personality. But others still sleep.

I can feel gold in my veins, and it connects me to these mountains. I arrived with a great gale wind as an escort, but I felt no chill – My Draconian blood warmed me, and even relished in the severity. This is my home, and I aim to rekindle it into a great civilization once again.

~ Parvati, Day 6640 in Dragonloft

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