Esper Awakens, ch. 1: The Wind

By   September 4, 2020

Day 6639, Dhung

The wind called to me today. An incredible gust of wind surged forth from the western sea, displacing all manner of untethered objects. Unclaimed notes took flight and whirled with joyous chaos. The crows, on the other hand, struggled helplessly against the wind. Their domain, the sky that they have always so confidently commanded, only worked against them today. It was as if a great invisible God had slapped them down from the sky for daring to fly.

But the wind called to me. It danced around me, tousling my hair, caressing my cheek, whispering the secrets of the universe. And I danced with it in turn. My eyes, which had only been half-awake until now, opened fully at the wind’s call. Every detail of the world suddenly came into sharp focus. The salmon that Ben and I had been cooking seemed to explode before our eyes. We saw every bit of moisture beading at the surface of the fish as it baked. We saw the coals sizzle as they greedily drank the salmon’s juices. We saw the liquid vaporize, passing on so that the sky might drink as well.

Six days ago, I appeared from the aether, my senses dulled and clouded as if I did not quite know if I existed yet. But the wind has lifted the fog. And now, I am alive.

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