A farewell from GreeK

By   February 6, 2016

In an announcement a few weeks ago I’ve informed about my resignation from Game Administration Board and Resources Department I was chairing for about three years.
I’m not going to leave the game and it’s not entirely true I’m leaving the staff, because I’ll stay in Programming Department to work on bugfixes.
I’m drastically limiting my time spent for Cantr, though.

I was thinking about it since I got a job IRL, but I’ve made the final decision in the end of november, so it’s definitely not a hasty decision.

I’ve started to work in ProgD just when I started studying. Cantr for some time became my obsession and I’ve spent all my spare time (and not only that) on the development and looking for potential improvements. Now I’m going to graduate quite soon (I hope), so I’ve decided it’s time to leave and focus on other activities I’ve neglected in the past years, where getting experience in areas I find interesting is one of important things.
I’ve learned PHP solely to be able to work on Cantr code and I’m rather happy about the results, but I’ve never considered it a main path of my programming career. Cantr was a nice playground for improving code structure, refactoring, time organization, becoming more responsible and not taking insults too seriously. I’m grateful for these things and I think they will help me in the future, but probably with the different languages.
Unfortunately being part of GAB is a very time-consuming task. Everyday management and contact has consumed large part of my time spent for Cantr, so in the end there was little time to work on things I’ve liked most. And to play my characters at all…
I don’t consider my work in RD as a full success. Much was achieved, but even more things I found important were impossible or stayed unfinished. The biggest problem I’ve seen since the beginning was resources overabundance (nothing surprising), while reducing number of entities in the game and increasing consumption were the ways to mitigate it. Animal domestication was planned with this in mind since the beginning and I think it works quite well.
Of course it wasn’t enough, but I don’t know if I would be able to do more.

Maybe time for some statistics.

The most important changes I’ve done or took significant role in the process:
– windows
– changes in machanics of repair system
– animals domestication
– horseback riding
– vehicles disassembly
– expanded object disassembly
– bookcases and display cases
– many RP items
– many clothes
– many food recipes
– funeral pyres and coffins
– signal fires
– looking into notes in envelopes
– mailboxes
– skins system
– AJAX based objects and inventory pages
– improved AJAX-based actions on events page
– object descriptions
– location descriptions
– HTML validation and preview for notes
– move to another server
– forum upgrade
– securing registration on wiki and forum to get rid of spammers
– upgrading PHP, its libraries and other dependencies
– intro server
– improved timeline statistics
– keyrings
– mobile responsive interface
– books
– input resources calculator
– dragging part of pile of resources
– pulling people from buildings
– near-death state (NDS)
– finishing conversion of notes to unicode

The ones that are ready and I hope will be implemented before I’ll leave:
– drunkenness and new alcohols
– move to another server (again)
– maybe something else

Number of answered support emails: 254
Approx number of added lines of code (including white-spaces): 97500
Approx number of removed lines of code: 53684
Number of commits: 1702
Number of accepted accounts: 2934
Number of refused accounts: 552
Number of revived accounts: 388
Approx number of cups of tea drunk during the work: 3498

These were very tiresome four years and I’m totally exhausted. I need some rest – for me it means looking for new challenges.

I’d like to thank members of RD I’ve worked with – it was really a joy to discuss and implement things with you.
I’d also like to thank members of ProgD, especially EchoMan, psychowico and Pies – without your commitment Cantr wouldn’t be able to work at all, so my work would be worthless.
I would also like to thank the players who have offered to help create graphics for Cantr, and they’ve kept their word, especially Swingerzetta and zot.
I’m not going to be that active on forum, but I’m not going to disappear – you’ll hear the news about me.

Kind regards,
Aleksander Chrabąszcz (GreeK)