Hamaon’s Musings, pt. 1: On Dragonloft

By   February 21, 2016

The Trover Mountains, located on the southwest peninsula of Treefeather, are home to some of the worst living conditions known to the island. Bitter cold, dangerously slick mountain paths, ferocious beasts, and the lack of any food source make the region completely inhospitable. And yet, there is a single, precious resource that glimmers within the mountains, a ray of hope for those ambitious enough to brave the wilderness to seize it: gold. Novus Loreis saw this potential, and with pickaxe in hand he carved a city into those mountains, conquering the climate and forging Dragonloft, the city blessed by the sun.

I spawned in Olipifirovash as a cynical young man with a sharp tongue and quick temper, by the name of Greed. Every day in Olip was the same – people would exchange “good morning’s” and “how are you’s” and other such pleasantries, and were content with the simple life that they led. This attitude drove me insane. Did they not desire to lead a life full of meaning? Or were they simply worker ants, void of passion and ambition? I left Olipifirovash in pursuit of something greater than myself. Without going into too much detail, I slowly made my way northwest, and then southwest, of Treefeather. Each town was exactly the same; no drive, no passion. Even Klojt, which I had high hopes for, was full of people content to live empty lives. It was only when I was ready to give up my endeavor that I stumbled across Dragonloft.

Immediately I realized that there was something unique about the city. There was a bourgeois attitude that I had never seen before in other towns. They held their heads high with confidence and grace, wore only the finest of clothing, and refused to settle for anything less than the best. It was customary for the citizens to address others with such titles as “mister” or “missus”. Very few were inactive, which I found impressive considering the town’s population. Incredibly colorful personalities inhabited the town, including the peculiar Marco Francesco, Josephine Sunborn the Priestess of the Sun, Pepper the elegant seamstress, and the unforgettable, dynamic Ms. Angelou.

The most striking feature of the town, though, was the focus on business. Many businesses were already established, such as the Spectrum Boutique, Marco’s Marvels, and the Golden Dragon Inn. These establishments were completely separate from the town’s influence; they relied solely on their own income. When I arrived, Novus Loreis was formulating a system in which private business owners would play a role in establishing laws. Dragonloft, unlike every other town that I have ever seen, was trying to break from communism and form a capitalist nation instead.

Needless to say, I was excited. After my long journey, I finally found a place that made me feel ambitious and hopeful for the future. But I had no way of knowing what was to come.

The Musings of Hamaon Pride of Dragonloft, written on Day 4970